The Archive II: The Jewellery.

A closer view of the clutter of Phill's workbench immediately after Christmas, 2005...Good Grief.

The pages in this section, like The Archive I, contain some of the highlights of a quarter century of making Jewellery.

Like the Objets d'Art, many of the pieces have been shown around the world in exhibitions at venues as varied as: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and other venues in Japan, Indonesia and Korea; through exhibitions at Pforzheim, Idar-Oberstein and other Europen venues; and, of course, including the SOFA Expositions in Chicago, New York and Miami.

Countless thousands of pieces of Masons are also worn around the world: from the humble Australiana gumleaf work, through custom wedding rings, and jewellery set with the Tasmanian 'Killiecrankie Diamond'; all the way through to cocktail extravaganzas and  art jewellery which primarily addresses the concerns of Art, over the concerns of wearability.

Enjoy a further scroll through where Masons mind has been...