The Objets d'Art.



'The Triangulation of Saturn', one of the most ambitious of the fabrications in this series, standing some 200mm tall, was shown at the JMGA Conference, Melbourne, 1995.


'The Cubing of Space', another Saturn-derived object of fabricating complexity. From Phill's 1994 solo exhibition 'Squaring the Circle', at Makers Mark Gallery, Melbourne.


'Black Saturn', left, and 'Great Planetary Pod' (open detail), both from the mid 'nineties, employed mokume gane (Japanese multi-layered laminates) to evoke the planet's surface. The handle of the inner titanium lid, right, is a bezelled partly-worked tektite, harking back to material used a decade earlier in Phill's 'Halley's Comet' Exhibition.


Throughout Phill's travels, Saturns are sometimes met quite unexpectedly. 


Greeting arrivals at Bangkok International Airport, these Saturn charity bins even sport a knop halfway up their column.


Walking through Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, when confronted by this window display of Saturn and robots.


Phasing out on mesmerizing mud springs in Rotorua, New Zealand, when Saturns start appearing.



The lights in the Dining and Lounge Rooms of Phill's Art Deco house; what needs be said?