The Christening Spoon: designed and made by Masons, at the behest of the Premier of Tasmania, for the Christening of the Danish Royal Prince, son of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.


The Spoon is of a scale that befits the occasion, being over 200mm long, and will sit comfortably with other regalia. The bowl of the Spoon is made from two sectors of hemispheres, joined to two handles which unite to become one handle overall. The decorative end of the handle is set with amber, which is the National Gemstone of Denmark, and then a finial of crocoite, which is the State Mineral Emblem for Tasmania. The Spoon represents a symbolic journey of two becoming one.

The bowl of the Spoon is gold-plated on the inside. Both sides of the bowl are textured to contrast with the smooth polish of the handle. The lip of the bowl is 18k gold, as are the bezel-settings for the stones, the connections between the handle and the bowl, and the pad for the makers mark. The rest of the Spoon is fabricated from Sterling Silver.


The amber and crocoite decorative end of the Spoon. The setting between the two stones takes the form of two stylised crowns, united in the resolution of the difference between the circle and the square, a meeting of opposites; a further symbolic reference to the journey of two becoming one...


The Premier of Tasmania, Mr Paul Lennon, displays the Spoon, with Phill Mason, before it is sent to Denmark.

The Fabrication of the Spoon

   The Spoon is hollow-fabricated. In this instance, hollow-fabrication means that the elements of the piece are formed using sterling silver plate, deformed into shapes like hemispheres, combined with sealed sterling silver chenier (tubing). These are integrated with 18 karat gold wire and shot pieces, and manipulated together into the soldering of the piece .

   After the major body of the Spoon is fabricated, then surface texturing, emerying, and other detailing is done.

       The Amber and the Crocoite are cut and shaped in conjunction with the fabrication of the settings.

   Tyrus fabricating the finial for housing the Crocoite in the end of the Spoon handle.

    After all other fabrication and detailing, the Spoon is polished

    The internal bowl of the Spoon is gold-plated, and then the stones are set.

    The finished Spoon.