The Archive I: The Objets d'Art

The clutter of Phill's workbench after Christmas, 2005...(PHEW!)

The pages in  this section contain some of the highlights of a quarter century of making Objets d'Art.

Many of the pieces have been shown around the world in exhibitions at venues as varied as: the Sculpture, Objects, Functional Arts Expositions (SOFA's) in Chicago, New York and Miami;  through to the German International Competitions for Jewellery and Precious Stones, and other European venues; with various exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Australia and so on in between.

The first four pages form a continuum of the exploration of Saturn as a motif.

Untold objects have also been made over this time as gifts for birthdays, presentations for retirements, commissions for clergy, entries in competitions, and, in all cases, for the sheer pleasure of playing with Material and Form.

Enjoy a scroll through the mind of Masons.